The Scales of War

A Call to Area Code Raven Queen

The Temple Between - RP Email 2

After removing Haelyn’s body from the shallow grave she was so callously buried in, the party carries her body to her cottage and lays her on her bed.
Dunedin pulls components from his pack and opens his ritual books. With precision movements he scrawls out runes around the bed and burns small piles of exotic incenses. After several long minutes, he stops.
“There, it is done.” He says. “What should we ask her?”

Dunedin, seeing Haelyn’s lifeless body, initially turns his head so as not to lay eyes on the dead body of a good soul. In doing so, he scans his battle-soaked comrades. He turns again to Haelyn’s corpse and kneels down next to it. He reaches out and gently takes the hand of Haelyn in his.
Quietly, Dunedin turns back and addresses the party. “Things have changed since my passing,” he says, his voice trembling. “I can bring voice to the priestess’s remains so that we can question her. However, the questions we may ask are limited.”
The party huddles near Dunedin. Gothe leaps across a doppelganger’s corpse to get nearer. Possible questions are solicited. If one was passing by, he might doubt the wisdom of the party upon hearing suggestions such as, “What’s in the box?” and “What is your favorite color” and “Who is Kaiser Soze?”
Finally, Dunedin bends down next to Haelyn’s lifeless body and begins the ritual Speak with Dead. "Haelyn, you now walk with the Raven Queen. We mean no disrespect by disturbing your remains. Forgive us for this trespass.
“Lavinya, a priestess at the temple of Erathis, sent my comrades and I to find you. She was concerned by your disappearance. She tried to discover on her own what happened to you, and then she went to the other priests and priestess of the city for help. None of them expressed interest in your vanishing. Haelyn, how is it that you were taken from the shrine of Erathis in Tradestown?”

After some (not so) rapid discussion amongst the party, Sam poses the first question for Haelyn: “what has been happening to the priests in Overlook?”

“I do not know” you hear her spirit reply. “I noticed a chance in their personalities recently but they laughed me off when I confronted them about it. Looking back, I should probably not have let on that I suspected something was amiss but I’ve always been a trusting sort.”
She awaits your next question

Khort nods. “The priests of Overlook seem defensive and compelled. Much effort is going into building temples and there are armed guards running around with priests. The captain of the guard seemed… off somehow. Do you have any idea why they were changed? Did anyone avoid laughing you off?”

“All of those I approached, laughed me off” Haelyn’s spirit continues. “As for what has befallen them, I have no idea. It’s as if they are not themselves.”
Haelyn’s spirit begins to fade. “Before I go, thank Lavania for me, will you? She did well in contacting you.” She smiles before fading away.

“We will do as Haelyn asks and thank Lavania for her,” says Dunedin. "We must see that she receives a burial fitting of a caretaker of Erathis. However, before we do that, we must clear the streets of this mayhem.
“It may be possible that no one noticed the skirmish. If that is the case, we may be able to expose these shape shifters before the townsfolk and end their charade.”


Whoops. Were we supposed to post here..? :D

Nice descriptions though!

A Call to Area Code Raven Queen

Okay, hang on. Good post, but this does contradict the posts made in the RP thread. I will edit this post and add the info obtained in the actual RP thread. This question here, though, is different than the ones asked in the RP thread. For all of the coordination you did in side emails, you guys relaly botched this.

A Call to Area Code Raven Queen

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