The Scales of War

Evil Within Mountainroot

Standing over the charred remains of Samhain and Gothe, the heroes were preparing to give their companions their last rites when Gothe shifted. With a hiss and a groan, he slowly began to rise. His innate resistance to fire left him teetering on the brink of death but alive none the less. The heroes quickly moved in to help their wounded friend. Applying bandages and giving him healing potions. As Sink turned to retrieve another potion, he was stunned to witness the wound that covered Samhain’s body begin to slowly close as a silvery light burned from within him. Slowly, he opened his eyes and sat blinking in awe at his companions who were just as shocked.
The group bandaged themselves and set off again to explore the Mountainroot Temple. They returned to the kitchen area once again and this time discovered a secret door they had previously missed. Opening it, they found themselves in what appeared to be a Vault of sorts. The large room was ringed by smaller raised rooms whose openings were guarded by massive iron gates that rolled into the ceiling, however, currently, they were open. The heroes were no alone in this room – a pair of Quickling Runners stopped picking through the coins strewn about the floor and turned to the party as they entered the room. With a hiss, they attacked. The battle was soon joined by a pair of Harpies who were hidden in the smaller rooms that ringed the larger room. They skirted the battle and sang their seductive songs – pulling the heroes out of battle and onto trapped floor tiles where daggers sprang forth and shredded their feet and legs. Despite the heavy damage the party was taking at the hand of the traps, the heroes tore into the enemy and forced the remaining Quickling to surrender. In exchange for his life, the Quickling told the heroes that the fey were sent “to this foul place” by someone they call Cachlain, the Stone-Skinned King. Dunedin recognized that Cachlain is an infamous fomorian king of the Feywild. He sent these fey in search of a valuable prize, which they refer to as “the parchment voice you call Incunabulum Primeval.” They know that it is a tome of great power and that Cachlain has sought it for some time. Only recently, however, have they learned that its retrieval has become urgent, because the court’s divinations suggested that someone else was about to get their hands on it. The fey admit that Cachlain’s new counselor—someone named Sovacles, whom they have never met—tried to talk him out of sending them, but that the king was too desperate to get the book. The fey admit that their leader, whom they call “Our Lady of the Deathly Song,” already has the tome. Alas, they cannot leave because “the Others”—a band of humanoids consisting mostly of trolls—appeared and took the Caretaker prisoner, thus cutting off all possible exit. When pressed on who these ‘others’ are he says: “They are organized and serve some higher master, but we know not who. Perhaps they are the reason Cachlain felt we must retrieve the parchment voice so swiftly.” When asked what they plan to do now he responds with: “Now? We seek only to escape the temple. A portal to the Feywild stands at the base of the mountains, where the waters flow from above to reach the plains. We would return home—with the Incunabulum if possible, but at least with our lives.” Not wanting the fey to return to his masters and launch an attack on them, the heroes decided it best to slay the Quickling.
The heroes disabled the traps and searched the room, finding some potent magical items that were overlooked when the Dwarves fled the temple. They also found another door that led downward and deeper into the temple. Following it, they came upon what appeared to be what was once the barracks or living quarters for the inhabitants of the temple. They spread out and began to search the area when two Hammerfist Guardians attacked. The battle was swift as the heroes easily took care of the automatons that guarded this room. They finished their search and discovered a finely crafted weapon in the adjoining forge room.
Finding no other exits, the group headed back up to the main room where their friends nearly died and decided to explore the cavernous area created by the earthquake. Gothe dropped down the cavern floor and crept forward. He came to what appeared to be a ruined temple area that was filled with the remaining fey force. Two large Cyclops mingled around the trench Gothe was hiding in, while the hag and some other minions were at the opposite end of the room. Gothe spied a door at the end of the room near the hag and reported his findings to the rest of the group. They ascertained that the door must connect to the other portion of the collapsed area and decided it would be best to attach from the door as it would place them closer to the hag.
They entered the other portion of the cavern and found a sentry guarding the area near the door. Sink pulled his Githyanki Silver Sword and rushed in to attack. The attack his and transported the enemy to a void in the Astral Sea. The rest of the party rushed in and when the sentry returned from his multi-planar jaunt, he was immediately set upon and killed. The group moved to the door and charged in – surprising the enemy.
Gothe acted first again and critically hit the hag with Blinding Barrage and bloodied and blinded the Hag. Boreas and Sink locked down the bladeslinger and Dunedin threw a stinking cloud over the Cyclops and ruffian – killing the Cyclops. On the next round, Gothe continued his assault on the Hag for more sneak attack damage and killed her. The ruffian burst out of the stinking cloud and landed a devastating attack on Dunedin that blasted him back into the wall and left him in a pile on the floor. Boreas and Sink finished off the bladeslinger, Gothe finished off the ruffian and the stinking cloud killed the Cyclops. Other than the devastating attack on Dunedin, the heroes were relatively unscathed. They searched the room and found some treasure as well as a massive book – The Incunabulum Primeval. With the book in hand, the heroes set off to find who was responsible for invading the temple and torturing the Caretaker in an effort to learn his secrets.
The last place to search was the massive set of double doors that stood at the north end of the large oval room where they battled the trolls and fey creatures at the same time. With a last check of their gear, they opened the doors and briefly caught a glimpse a rust colored Dragonborn in heavy armor conversing with a hooded figure clad in an odd set of armor comprised of interlocking metal braces secured with straps of leather – this was the man they were looking for. Just as quickly as they say the figure, though, he was gone. Having finished his conversation with the Dragonborn, both men turned and exited from view before the door could even finish opening.
The group now stood at one end of a long hallway which had two sets of stairs leading up to a platform 40ft above the ground they now stood on. They could see that the room opened up greatly once on that platform but what was up there, was unknown. Gothe, Sam and Dunedin snuck forward to get a better view and were almost to the platform when Sam stumbled on his cloak. They heard the fall of heavy boots on stone moments before the face of a surprised dragonborn appeared at the top of the landing. – the battle was on. Kort, Boreas, and Sink charged the landing as Gothe jumped forward and sunk his sword deep into the Dragonborn. In an epic battle that saw the heroes face off against three trolls, two dragonborn, a massive construct and 6 human thugs, the hardened adventurers fought bravely and valiantly. In less than 5 minutes, the battle was won and our heroes were victorious.
After bandaging their battle wounds, the party set off searching the massive room for the whereabouts of the Caretaker. It was not long before they found him in a room slick with his own gore, chained to a bed.

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