The Scales of War

Heavy Flow Night

Terror in Talor

Once Samhain recovered and came to, the party packed their things and set out on the long journey back to Overlook. After an arduous, three day journey through the dangerous Stonehome Mountains, the Heroes were once again back within the familiar confines of the great Dwarven city. No sooner had they unpacked their belongings at the Inn than a courier from the Council of Elders appeared and told them that their presence was requested by the Council. The group washed up and put on clean clothes and head up to the High Hall district to meet with the council.

The Council chamber was beginning to become familiar territory for the group who has had to meet with the council several times over the last several weeks. They walked into the cavernous chamber and found Council Member Cadrick conversing with another council member and others members of Overlook’s ruling body. Upon seeing the Heroes, he breaks off his conversation and approaches the group: “Welcome back, Heroes! As you can see, the rebuilding is going well and we’d certainly have much more work to do were it not for your actions. And while on the topic of the attack on Overlook by General Zithiruun, we received a desperate message from ”/campaigns/exploits-of-the-brindol-brigade/characters/megan-swiftblade" class=“wiki-content-link”>Megan Swiftblade, leader of the Freeriders, who you might remember. The Freeriders have discovered that General Zithiruun had a powerful ally in his recent attack on the city. Although she does not identify this ally in her message, Megan has already survived three attempts on her life and fears that more will follow. If we help her, she will tell us who was ultimately behind the attack, hopefully in time to prevent another.”
“Again, we find ourselves in need of aid, and again we call upon you. Travel to the village of Talar and leave a message for her at the Green Dragon in. Please, find out what Megan knows. Keep her safe, neutralize any immediate threat to her, and then return her to us.”

With their mission in hand, the party returned to the bustling streets of Overlook to do some shopping for needed supplies before returning to their favorite inn, The Mountain’s Hearth, for some much needed relaxation and entertainment.

The next day, the heroes grabbed their equipment and set out on the long journey across the Elsir Vale to Talar. While the road was long, the journey was uneventful and on the evening of the seventh day they entered the small town of Talar.

With their horses cared for, the group entered the Green Dragon Inn and procured rooms and board for the evening before relaxing at a table and taking in the sights and sounds of the common room. The room was mostly filled with farmers relaxing after a hard day’s work but there were some oddities amongst the locales – an elderly Tiefling and a female Eladrin dressed in the garb of a fighter. While Dunedin approached the Eladrin and failed miserably to impress her, Sink approached the Tiefling and found that he was a down on his luck cloth merchant who was here to drown his sorrows. Sink made his day, though, when he arranged the purchase of several bolts of expensive cloth with the intent of having some new clothes made.

No sooner had Sink finished the transaction than the ground began to shake terribly. Dust and debris rained down on everyone inside the Green Dragon Inn as a massive earthquake shook the earth. Beams cracked and crashed down around everyone as they took cover under tables. Seeing that the building would not be standing for long, the heroes worked quickly to get as many patrons out of the building as they could before it completely collapsed. Dunedin was able to coerce the Eladrin to flee and Samhain helped one of the farmers out the window before one of the massive timbers supporting the second level exploded in a shower of wood and the inn collapsed down on everyone inside.

Bloodied and badly injured, the Brindol Brigade pulled themselves from the wreckage of the inn to be confronted by the horror of a completely ruined Talar. The air was filled with the grief-stricken wail of villages and the thick, acrid smoke of burning buildings. Around them, flames leap high in the air, silhouetting huddled survivors against the heaped mounds of rubble that were once their homes. Many of the buildings in the immediate vicinity have at least partially collapsed, and fires are spreading through the ruins. A terrified screaming rises in the distance along the main track, Villagers are running towards the heroes, a dark shape oozing down the street behind them.

Grabbing their weapons from the nearby stable, the heroes sprint down the main street toward the sound of the commotion. Ahead, they see a viscous purple-red tide is flowing into Talar, pouring out from a low, craggy hill at the edge of the village. A tower of mottled stone stands atop the hill, the ooze flowing out through a hole blasted out beneath it. Where twin arms of the flow have circled a collapsed house, fire suddenly flares, trapping a terrified and heavily pregnant woman on an adjacent wagon. Hideous beasts composed entirely of Blood Chaos emerge from the flow and prepare to attack the group. Dunedin and Samhain separate from the group and attack the lumbering maulers that have moved to intercept the group. With well-aimed spells, the enemies drop. Sink and Boreas ready their ranged weapons and deftly take down two more foes while Thew and Khort charge towards the largest beast in the group – an undulating orb of melting orange and purple flesh that writhes toward them on a bed of muscular tentacles. A ring of larger tentacles jut from the top of the orb. Both Thew and Khort wade knee deep into the flow of blood chaos and are quickly overcome by the terrible substance the burns away at their flesh – it holds them fast while the enemy advance on them.
Dunedin uses his Winged Boots to fly above the battle field and raid down spells on the vile creatures before he is confronted by a pair of bat-like creatures that leap from the blood chaos. Boreas and Sink continue to use ranged weapons to thin the heard of maulers while Khort desperately tries to reach the pregnant woman. When Dunedin sees that Khort will not make it in time, he flies down toward the woman, invoking nasty attacks from the bats, scoops her up and flies her to safety. The woman runs away just as the bats fly down and prepare to attack Dunedin. Thinking fast, Dunedin blasts them both with a brilliant burst of energy that throws them clear of Dunedin and leaves them both dazed.
Meanwhile, Thew is taking a great deal of punishment from the massive beast and his minions. Enraged, he lets loose with devastating whirlwind attack that levels all of the minions, leaving Thew to deal with only the massive, undulating creature. The continued attack from deep in the blood chaos has taken its toll, though, and Thew is very near death.
Khort struggles towards Thew and is able heal up Thew before the bats descend on Khort and land terrible attacks that knock the mighty minotaur unconscious.
Seeing his friend fall, Sink rushes headlong into the foray and is able to revive Khort despite being badly burned by the blood chaos.
Samhain continues to launch a barrage of spells at all of the beasts but has little luck landing an attack.
Boreas, not sure quite what to do for some reason, is content to stand back and throw his javelin at the beasts.
With Khort, Dunedin, Sink and Thew focusing their attacks on the massive beast, he is not able to withstand their attacks for long and he is quickly destroyed. The bat creatures do not last much longer and a few short minutes after it began the fight is over.


Fantastic Adventure Log title, by the way…


Heavy Flow Night

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