The Scales of War

I Seer What You Did There

A side quest to potential disaster

Several weeks after the battle for Overlook, the Brindol Brigade was rested and ready for action, once again. Having healed the wounds suffered in the battle against General Zithiruun and helping to heal those sustained by Overlook, he heroes were ready to dig deeper into the cause of the General’s attack and to get to the root of the Githyanki’s schemes.

Before they could get started, though, Dunedin came to the group and requested assistance in seeking out a Seer who lived in the mountains south of Overlook. Dunedin’s mentor in the Fey Wild felt that she may be able to provide the group with information regarding the extensive network of portals between planes in the area and how the General intended to use them. With provisions secured, the group headed off into the mountains in search of the old hag.

After several days of travel, the heroes found themselves at the opening to a large cave. They cautiously entered and were soon approached by a hideous hag. It became clear after speaking to her that she was attempting to hide something – possibly even deceive the party. After a few more prying questions, the hag grew frustrated and with a roar, changed before their very eyes into a hulking blue skinned humanoid that stood nearly 9ft tall. “Gragh! Enough of these games. I shall flay the flesh from your bodies and make soup from your bones!” the beast said as it drew a massive great sword.

The battle was on and was quickly joined by two of the Oni’s companions – a Bullette and Firelasher made of out pure magma. The battle was a very difficult ones as the Oni kept turning invisible and re-positioning himself in the battlefield. After several long minutes, the heroes prevailed but were badly injured and had used many of their innate powers.

With the hag not what she seemed, the heroes pressed on to see if something had happened to her or if she had been an Oni all along. They had two options in front of them – a large set of double doors or a natural passage that lead deeper into the cavern. Choosing the natural cavern, they pressed on and soon heard the faint ping of hammer on stone. Curving set of natural steps, the came upon a group of Orc’s mining for ore while a strange 4 legged beast used it’s trunk like snout to blast apart the chucks of ore the orcs were freeing from the wall. Standing behind the miners were two hideously deformed humans who’s skin distended and shifted while the heroes looked on. It was as if something was crawling under its skin. And it became evident exactly what was causing this to happen midway through the ensuing battle when one of the humans, having received a terrible wound from Boreas, tore at its skin and ripped it away to reveal a Slaad underneath. The Slaad tore from its fleshy prison and attacked Boreas. It sunk it’s claws deep into the massive Goliath and implanted into him some sort of parasite. Boreas could feel it work its way under his skin and deeper into his body. Pushing the thought of one of those things bursting from his own body, Boreas fought on and finished the Slaad while the Thew engaged the 4 legged creature. Dunedin and Samhain took down the 4 orc miners with a series of quick spells before jumping through a dimensional door Dunedin created. They exited the door atop a 30ft cliff that bordered the mine. From atop this cliff, they could see another chamber that extended into the darkness behind them. They rained down magical firepower on the remaining enemies but the remaining Slaad attempted to flee down a side passage that paralleled the higher passage behind Sam and Dunedin. Thinking to flank the fleeing enemy, Samhain took a risk ran off down the darkened chamber behind him. The risk, however, did not pay off for Sam found himself in the middle of a new room and surrounded by the reanimated skeletons of Dwarves. He could only manage a quick cry for help before the skeletons surrounded him and beat him to a pulp. He was barely able to stand and barely clung onto life.



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