The Scales of War

In the Presence of Maddness

The heroes face off against the Cult of Exquisit Agony

Separated from his allies and badly injured, Samhain had no choice but to rely on his trusty Robe of Contingency, which has saved his bacon on more than one occasion. If he stayed to fight, he knew he would be finished so he fled, knowing his enemies would have a chance to attack him but also knowing that his Robe of Contingency would teleport him to safety, if the blow did not kill him. “Evandra favors the risky” he said to himself and he turned to run. Seizing the opportunity, the skeletons lashed out at Samhain amazingly, they all missed – all but one. With a it’s wicked claw, the skeletal slasher lashed out and gashed Sam across the back. Sam spun through the air, spraying the walls with his blood as he did but before his body could hit the ground, he was teleported away to safety and his body washed in healing energy.

Boreas and Khort finished off the enemies in front of them and quickly made their way up the steep cliff to join Samhain in the battle that was able to continue up there, while Dunedin and Thew chased the remaining cultist down a side passage. With Boreas and Khort engaged with the skeletal slashers and the ghost, Sam blasted away at the enemy and within moments, all of the enemies that had only moments ago beat Sam to a pulp lay motionless on the floor.

Meanwhile, Thew chased after the remaining cultist while Dunedin tagged along with trepidation about charging headlong down an unfamiliar corridor – especially one where chanting and flickering light could be seen and heard just around the next bend. With a flick of his wrist, Dunedin flung a spell down the hall and stopped the cultist in his tracks. Thew was upon him in an instant and quickly cut him down.

The Heroes regrouped and made their way down the corridor towards where they heard the chanting. As they did, another cultist made his way around the corner but he was deep in thought and nearly ran headlong into Boreas – or would have had Boreas’ massive pick not intercepted him first. As they group finished off the wayward cultist, they quickly realized that the chanting had stopped. No sooner did they make this realization they were confronted by three more cultists and …..something. This ‘thing’ was the very definition of an abomination. It’s bloated skin was covered in wailing, toothy maws that vomited a vile ichor as the monstrosity greedily approached the heroes upon cloven hooves. Resisting the urge to flee the horrific scene, the heroes launched themselves into the enemy. The battle was vicious, yet swift and within moments all of the grotesque fiends lay dead on the cold stone floor. As the party searched the room, they found the hag they had come to see bound, beaten yet alive in a small alcove. With little time to waste, they left the unconscious hag where she was while they finished searching the complex.

With the cavern’s clear, the heroes moved to the Dwarven complex section of the Fist of Mourning. They entered through the main doors and found themselves yet again battling the repulsive members of this awful cult. Each room they moved through they encountered abominations in every sense of the word. After a ferocious battle with a beholder, the heroes faced off with the leader of the cult, Obsen, and some of the Slaad body guards. The battle tapped every last resource the group had and nearly resulted in the death of Khort and Dunedin but in the end the Brindol Brigade prevailed.



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