The Scales of War

Into the Mottled Tower

The Rescue of Megan

Pausing to catch their breath and bandage their wounds after the battle, the heroes look on as the horrid ooze continues to slowly flow through the village, destroying everything it touches. However, sudden movement atop the nearby hill catches their attention. As they watch, the tower atop the hill shudders and begins to sink downward, into the hillside. Two frantic figures—one dragging the other—appear on the rooftop. With hardly a pause, the Brindol Brigade dashes up the hill in an effort to rescue those trapped on the sinking tower.
The tower continues to sink into the earth, so that by the time they reach the crest of the hill, only the roof and its battlements remain above ground. Two figures are clinging to the slate—one a human male dressed in sage’s garb; the other a human female clad in armor, sword in hand. Though the male seems utterly terrified, the woman is defiant despite what appears to be a badly broken leg. Immediately, the group recognizes the woman as Megan Swiftblade and she recognizes them.
“Oh, for the love of Pelor!” she exclaims. “You’ve got to be kidding me! Of all the people those buffoons in Overlook could have sent, they had to send ‘the heroes of Overlook’” she says in a mocking tone. Megan is clearly unhappy that once again, her moment to make a name for herself is once again overshadowed by the Brindol Brigade. Begrudgingly, though, she thanked the heroes for coming to help.
“Please, you have to help Falrinth. He is like a father to me and is trapped below, in the tower. Be careful, though, some of the monsters Falrinth has been studying have escaped from their pens and are roaming down below.” Khort helped Megan and Falrinth’s assistant off the tower while the rest of the heroes cautiously descended the spiral staircase into the quake ravaged structure.
The heroes had only descended down to the next level of the tower when the Thew detected movement in the darkness below. And he crept lower, he threw a sunrod into the room and saw a hulking insectoid creature wielding a trident in the room below. The creature spotted Thew and moved into attack.
Thew, Boreas and Sink charged in to attack while Samhain and Dunedin stayed back to pepper the creature with spells, which seemed like a sound strategy until 4 other creatures burst into the room from the door directly behind them. Dunedin was able to blast several of the creatures away, but not before he and Sam took some nasty hits. With some distance created Thew was able to charge them and hold them at bay while Boreas finished off the first of the creatures. This allowed Samhain and Dunedin to regroup and once again pound the enemy with spells while Boreas, Sink and Thew but them to ribbons. While the heroes took some nasty hits in the melee, the battle was over quickly and the heroes where able to resume their search for Falrinth.
Methodically, they descended and searched two more floors without any sign of the old sage. Upon arriving at the bottom floor, they find what appears to be a destroyed kitchen area and entry hall. In the corner of the kitchen, they discover a portly, disheveled man – Falrinth. Before they can help him up or question him, they hear chanting coming from a large hole in the floor. Peering into the hole, the heroes see a large cavern filled with the red glow of blood chaos that spews from two large pipes set in the wall – the sources of the flow that is destroying Talar. A valve, set between the pipes appears to be the only means of stemming the flow. Several Troglodytes and two Githyanki stand guard in this chamber while a Shadar-kai witch performs a ritual on an ever strengthening portal.
Without hesitation, Boreas picked up Samhain and jumped down into the room, shielding his smaller friend from the 20ft fall to the floor. Thew and Sink followed suit while Dunedun simply floated to the floor using this Winged Boots.
The Troglodytes moved to surround the heroes but with one mighty swing, Thew was able to cut half of them down. Samhain bounced a chaos bolt off two more and dropped them both while Dunedin blasted the witch and stopped portal ritual. Enraged, the witch launched a magical assault of her own, while the Githyanki worked in unison to immobilize and then slice into the valiant heroes. While the battle ground on for a good time, the heroes were ultimately victorious.



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