The Scales of War

The Final Battle

Once a gain, the heroes are awakened to Kalad pounding on their door and requesting their presence in the War Room. When they arrive, they are told that a troop of soldiers was sent out last night to investigate reports of enemy activity near Caer Overlook and they have yet to return. The Brindol Brigade is asked to investigate.

As the heroes entered the courtyard where the soldiers disappeared they were confronted with a stomach turning site: Scattered around the open courtyard, and across the stoops of the nearby buildings, were the corpses of dozens of Overlook’s soldiers. Some are badly burned, some slashed
to ribbons, and some rotting as though they’d lain dead for weeks on end. Two dragonborn in heavy armor waited across the courtyard; one stood beside a large, red-scaled reptile exhaling large puffs of smoke.
“Finally” says one of the Dragonborn “I thought we were going to have to slay another dozen of these filthy dwarves to get ‘the heroes of Overlook’ down here…… not that we would have minded.” With a wicket grin, the Dragonborn drew their weapons and charged in to attack. With weapons ready, the Brindol Brigade charged forward, seeking revenge.

The battle waged on for only a few brief moments before a horrific boom reverberated from a nearby building as a massive beast soared over the rooftop, knocking several of the stones from their place. What appeared to be a dead dragon, its scales dull, its gray leather skin showing between the gaps, rose into the air on broken wings. The entire top of its jaw was missing, showing upward pointing teeth and a worm-like tongue that thrashed about with a mind of its own.
And riding atop that beast was a humanoid figure clad in heavy hides, contained within a body harness of iron joints and leather straps. His limbs and face were gaunt, nearly desiccated. Several old wounds hung open, leaking trails of blood and puss, showing bare bone in some spots
and metal plates in others. But despite his old injuries and deformities, his narrow features and his yellowed, leathery skin clearly marked him as one of the dread githyanki, raiders and conquerors of the Astral Sea.
“At last we meet, Samhain” he calls out as he dismounts his dragon. “Someone has big plans for you.” Turning to his Dragonborn companions:“Take the little one alive!” he calls out as he wades into battle.

The ensuing melee was one for the ages. Right off the bat, the dragon hovered over the heroes and let loose with a devastating breath weapon attack that dropped Dunedin to the ground, dying. His companions rushed to his aid and brought him back into the fight, for his skills were desperately needed. The onslaught was becoming too much for the heroes to withstand so Sink sought to even the odds a little bit. He drew his Githyanki silver sword and charged General Zithiruun – the sword biting deep into his flesh. Sink called upon the Astral powers of the sword and teleported Zithiruun to another plane of existence. With the General momentarily out of the battle, the heroes focused their attacks on the remaining Dragonborn and the Fire Belcher. They quickly fell and only the undead dragon remained when Zithirrun returned from his astral gaunt. Focusing their attacks, the dragon soon fell and Zithiruun was left to battle the heroes on his own. Knowing his plans for redemption had been thwarted, he sought to make the one that thrust all of this upon him pay – Samhain. He charged the halfling with his sword drawn: “Prepare to meet you sister” he sneered as to tore into Samhain with spinning double slash of his sword. The wounds inflicted were grievous and Samhain fell to the ground dying. In a matter of moments, the rest of the Brigade was upon the General and he was cut down.

Kort rushed to Samhain’s side and administered a healing potion to his fallen friend. Badly wounded, but alive, Samhain stood up and joined his friends. Searching the bodies of the enemies yield no clues or treasure other than the magical sword used by the General.


See told you they wanted Sam alive. But why?

The Final Battle

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