Bram Ironfell

Scion of Clan Ironfell


Bram is a wealthy Dwarf who lives in Overlook and is a member of the Elsir Consortium. He has a blond beard and hear and is balding a bit on the sides. He wears lots of jewelry.


In LMoK Bram seeks out the PC and informs them that he has found some info on the lost Mines of Karak and that he believes the mines have something to do with Sarshan. He hires the PCs to find and investigate the lost mines with the intention to use the resources from the mines to help defend Overlook and the Elsir Vale. It’s also revealed that Bram worked with Sarshan in the past and funded the warehouses Sarshan used to funnel weapons into Overlook.

After an investigation into his dealings by Kalad and the Overlook guard, Bram fled the city and has not been seen since.

Bram Ironfell

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