Eladrin Wizard


Dunedin is an Eladrin Wizard with a Raven Familiar.


Dunedin joined the party as they prepared to set out to Brindol at the request of Alys and Sertanian.

He travelled to Overlook at the request of his mentor in the Fey Wild. His mentor and other scholars in the Fey Wild were monitoring a recent surge in panar activity in a region of the World known as The Elsir Vale. Concered about the flux in portals and planar energy, they dispated Dundin the the region to investigaste. With roughly drawn map in hand, Dunedin arrived in Overlook and sought out the council for aid in his investigations. They paired him with our group of heroes – otherwise known as The Brindol Brigade – as they were familiar with the Vale, were adventurers and were heading out to Brindol that very day.


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