Minotaur Rune Priest


Khort was, from a very young age, a peaceful and quiet child, dedicated to his early studies as a Runepriest.

When he neared graduation, he was lured to a local temple on the promise of a good deed for a member of the local populace, and instead, he was assailed, captured, and taken far away.

When he awakened, he found himself in under the tutelage of a man who cloaked himself in shadow and demanded complete obedience. He beat Khort, hardened him, trained him in the ways of battle and made the once quiet youth a raging monster.

Tasked with creating a maze, Khort quickly learned the art of designing and manipulating dungeon travelers. He was placed in his own creations by goblin overlords who worked at the will of his shadowy patriarch, and learned to hate them with a passion.

Random strangers would be tossed into the maze, Khort’s maze, and Khort would have to watch in horror as his art would be used to kill enemies of his shadowy master.

One day, fed up with his torment and willing to sacrifice his own life to end the suffering of others, Khort began hacking his way through his own maze, killing every Goblin he saw until his fur was so stained with blood, he seemed to have changed color.

The door to the maze, a door he hadn’t created, then opened, and the voice of his former master, looking down on him, told him to go.

Khort ran, and he never looked back, wandering until he encountered the party in Overlook at the ceremony, when he felt a calling and leapt into the fray.


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