DECEASED - Dark Creeper who went behind Sarshan's back


Modra is a short, pudgy Dark Creeper. Like the rest of his race, he has gray skin and solid black eyes. His ears are pointed and his face is punctuated by a long, pointy nose.


Modra was once one of Sarshan’s most trusted advisors. All of that changed when he decided to go behind Sarshan’s back and accept a deal that Sarshan had truned down. The deal was with the Orog warlord, Tusk. Tusk wanted Sarshan to back a raid on the Dwarven city of Overlook. With Sarshan’s weapons and knowledge of the tunnels under Overlook, Tusk was certain he and his band of Orcs could capture the city. Sarshan did a whole lot of business in Overlook and did not like the idea of such a high profile job so he turned it down. Modra, wanting to make a name for himself and to impress his boss, went behind Sarshan’s back and accepted the job. He provided Tusk with the weapons and knowledge he needed. Ultimately, Tusk’s raid failed due to the actions of the players and Sarshan learned of Modra’s deceit and made Modra a wanted man.
Modra was killed by the players when they discovered him attempting to sabotage Sarshan’s foundry in the Shadowfell.


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