Samhain Foamfollower

Halfling Chaos Sorcerer


Average of stature for his people, Samhain stands an even four feet tall. His skin is tanned from traveling under the sun, and he wears his shoulder-length, light brown hair loose. His eyes are a startling ocher color, more gold than brown, set in a sharp featured face. Though he has an appetite disproportionate for his size, the Elemental magic burning within him coupled with his constant travel keeps his body fit and trim, but feats of strength and athletics hold no interest for him.


Samhain lives with the constant internal struggle between the very nature of his magic and his desire to control it. Like most of his people, he is insulted by Big Folk who do not take him seriously, or treat him as a child of their own race. Sometimes despite himself, his anger and overconfidence gets the better of him, and he gets into a “miniature Doberman” mental state, where the danger is irrelevant, only defeating the “threat” is important. We’ll learn what triggers him as time goes on.

A little man with a big ego, his abilities have made him just a bit arrogant. Born into a moderately wealthy merchant family, he was sent away to a school for wizardry when his powers manifested out of hope that he could learn to control the magic. Unfortunately, his abilities and demeanor did not coincide with the traditional study of the Art, and the masters of the academy were more inclined towards trafficking with demons and devils, a practice which in truth scared Samhain to the depths of his soul. So he fled, only to be given the cold shoulder upon returning to his home. He seeks to make a name for himself, to be counted amongst the heroes of legend, but the very nature of the Wild Magic he unleashes may mean that he is forever an outcast from his former community.

Samhain Foamfollower

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