DECEASED - Hobgoblin Leader of the new Red Hand


A large and powerfull Hobgoblin Warrior, Sinruth was the leader of the ‘new’ Red Hand band of goblins. Enticed into action by a mysterious entity only known as The Emissary, Sinruth and his band of globins attacked Brindol just as the adventurers were arriving in town. Durring the attack, several townsfolk were kidnapped as a tribute to the wright that enhabited the ruins of Castle Rinvenroar, where Sinruth and his band of goblins where operating out of. In addition to the kidnappings, Sinruth was instructed to steal several treasures from the Hall of Valor in Brindol. These treasures where mementos from the original Red Hand invasion and were tributes to the Vale and the heroes who stopped the invasion.



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