The Council of Elders

Ruling body of Overlook


The Council of Elders, a group of five male and female dwarves, governs Overlook. Each is elected to office and serves a 10-year term. The dwarves see ruling as a burden and none relish the job, preferring to hand power off to someone else. Heading up the Council is the Great Elder, Morgoff Stonefirst, an aging dwarf who’s ready to retire.
All five wear the robes of their office—luxuriant purple and silver damask.

Council Members -
The Great Elder Morgoff Stonefirst – Very old Drwarf with a gray beard that reaches his feet.
Elder Galden – Anothe very old Dwarf with a long beard.
Elder Cadric – The youngest of the Elders. He has black hair and a black beard set among hard facial features.
Elder Yalissa – One of two female Elders. She is attractive with red hair
Elder Syn – One of two female Elders. Shee too is attractive and tall for a Dwarf. He has brown hair.


In addition to the Elders, One representative from each of the eight districts of Overlook attends the Council, serving as advisors and also to air the grievances of their particular constituencies. Although these individuals have the power to influence, they have no real authority in the city, though many are wealthy and powerful by means other than the office they hold.

The Council of Elders

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